About us

Highlands House Publications is a small independent publisher based in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in Australia with an overseas distribution capacity. It is run by two partners who bring a wide and varied range of skills to the enterprise.

Ann Beaumont

Ann Beaumont

Ann Beaumont is an experienced researcher, writer and editor whose primary focus is to assist authors and aspiring authors to produce local or family histories.

She has a background in journalism, public relations, research and broadcasting and in teaching, with academic qualifications in professional writing and history. Ann has comprehensive understanding of the importance of strong manuscript development and proactively promotes authors’ works.

Four of her six published books were commissions, and her history A Light in the Window won a National Trust (NSW) Heritage Award in 2014. Her latest book, the biography A Man of Many Parts is on sale in Australia and England.


Phillip Beaumont

Phillip Beaumont is a widely experienced market researcher with a long history in identifying and capitalising on major and niche marketing opportunities in Australia, the United Kingdom and USA.

His background is in market research, product evaluation and development, with a successful record in bringing them to widespread public attention. As Chairman of Western Europe’s largest education services provider, he was instrumental in overseeing and directing the commercial administration of school services and identifying and promoting their fund raising activities.

He has a close and trusted working relationship with members of the retail book industry and actively participates in the promotion and sale of authors’ works.