God’s Architect


God’s Architect: The Churches and Parsonages of Alberto Soares

Although he had no formal training in architecture, Anglican cleric, Alberto Soares, gained fame in his lifetime for his designs of churches and parsonages. His work, over a 20 year period from 1857, was mainly carried out while he rector at the Anglican Church in Queanbeyan in southern New South Wales. His bishop, Mesac Thomas, supported his work, believing that parishioners even in isolated places, should have appropriate buildings in which to worship.

Most of thirty-one buildings attributed to Soares are examined in God’s Architect while other design possibilities are noted. While all his churches remain in use today, the future of several is problematical. In connection with this, the author seeks to answer an intriguing question: what happens to deconsecrated Anglican churches and their often precious stained-glass windows, plaques, tablets and other memorials?

Individual essays on Soares’s churches and parsonages in God’s Architect illuminate the history of these buildings and focus on those who worshipped in them.

Author: Graeme Barrow
Publisher: Dagraja Press
ISBN 9780977532889