Editorial services

Through the services listed below we assist aspiring and experienced writers to publish their work. We can also help students by editing final drafts of PhD and Masters’ theses, with an emphasis on the disciplines of science, economics and history. Initial consultation is free.

Manuscript Assessment:

An appraisal of your work is the essential first step to publication. To progress your work we will provide a detailed report outlining its strengths and weaknesses, and make suggestions where your work can be improved. It includes an assessment of your manuscript’s structure and pace with recommendation comment on your bibliography and references.

On completion of the assessment we provide a comprehensive report which is a guide to improving your manuscript so you can self-publish, pass to an editor or supervisor, or submit to a publisher or agent. At this stage we do not edit your work.


We are committed to maintaining the integrity of your work and its composition. We can improve its construction by looking at the work as a whole with an emphasis on paragraph and sentence construction, grammar, word use, spelling and punctuation. Suggestions may be made to tighten up your prose by deleting unnecessary adverbs and adjectives or whole slabs of text. Facts, references and continuity will also be checked and queried.

The final manuscript will always be returned to you in a format that gives you the option to accept or reject our edits.

Proof reading:

Whether it is a final draft or a previously self-generated work with which you are happy, we will proof read it before self-publication or final submission to a publisher or your university.
We can also independently proof read pages from all sources when they come back from the designer or printer.

Ghost writing/Commissions:

We work with a large stable of writers experienced in ghost writing for autobiographies and accept timely commissions to write books, articles or reports from existing research.

Project management:

Should you wish to self-publish we can manage your project. This includes all the above editorial services, as well as obtaining quotes and liaison with designers, printers and distributors.

On publication we can promote and sell your book through our website.