Morpeth Courthouse


A place of justice, a place of community

When the courthouse at Morpeth was built in 1862 the town was one of the busiest ports in New South Wales. Situated on the Hunter River at the head of navigation, Morpeth was the stop off point for settlers heading into the interior and the embarkation point for goods being sent to Newcastle, Sydney and beyond.  Although there were two substantial courthouses less than ten miles away this is the story of one’s man’s determination to have this little river town receive the kudos it deserved by the erection of its own centre for law and order. It also outlines the determination and speed by its architect, Mortimer Lewis Junior to get the building up and operational. The book is also a history of the town itself and its rediscovery in the 20th century.

Author: Ann Beaumont
Publisher: Maitland City Council
ISBN 978 0 646 49000 7